Parainesis is one of the leading polyethylene manufacturers in Hungary.
We are a certified supplier (ISO 9001, ISO 14001) with immediate availability.

Production of LDPE bag

LDPE bags directly from the manufacturer, short delivery time at the best price

The LDPE bag is made of polyethylene according to your needs, so you can get a better price for your product. Take advantage of the manufacturer's price and contact our team for professional advice and custom quote.

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Questions & Answers

What happens if you request a quotation?
We shall contact you. We shall discuss:
  • what you would like to wrap,
  • approximately how much packaging material you use,
  • what timing is needed for delivery,
  • whether your packaging is manual or machine-operated.
How shall you receive better prices?
We work with a material composition that is perfectly aligned with the desired needs, thus we are able to meet high quality expectations at a lower price compared to the competition. Via our modern production management system, fast, in a constant quality!
How can you receive the packaging most appropriate for you?
By telling us what product you would like to be wrapped. How you store it, how many times you move it. Whether it is handled by coworkers or machines. The more we know about the item to be wrapped and the post-wrapping stress, the more certainly we shall find you the best possible solution.

By aligning it with the usage needs, we shall elaborate a raw material mixture that meets your expectations in whole. If needed, we shall add more or rather less percentage of recycled material and other additives to it. We have over 25 years of experience and we have one of the largest raw material database available in the market.
Can it be that it may not stick, may not crack, may not tear?
It can, that is our paramount goal. We produce packaging materials with which you can work in a fast and cost-efficient manner. Our bags, pouches do not stick, do not tear, do not crack, and withstand well even the most extreme stress. Even if you need to transload three times. No unexpected circumstances shall occur during wrapping. If you work with us, you can keep delivery deadlines without surprises.
What makes a good packaging? What mixture, material composition shall you choose?
Just relax. We are aware of which materials we should work with a specific use or specific stress. We have several hundreds of formulae, material mixtures to pick from the most appropriate of your needs. Or, we create a new material composition, if you have special needs.
You do not know the exact size, the necessary material thickness.
There are many who do not. It depends on many aspects what packaging suits best. We know the pitfalls. Just give us a call, it suffices if you just say a few words about what you need and we are there to help based on our best experience.
In what colour are bags, pouches available?
We can mix up any existing hue for you. Blue, green, yellow, red, lilac, rose, khaki, turquoise. Glossy, translucent, opaque, matte. Whatever you can just think of.
Can you print the manufactured products?
Yes, we can, if needed, we can print any of our products in 6 colours, in high resolution. Even both sides.
How long will it take to produce your purchase order?
Your purchase order, depending on your needs, can be delivered within up to few days! Certainly, this depends on the lot and necessary raw materials. Please ask us, we help find the fastest solution.
In what size are bags available?
Our products cover approx. 99pc of the needs of the market. In our portfolio, you shall find the smallest bags of 30x80 mm to the huge industrial waste bags of 2300x4000 mm. By request, we produce fully custom-made size, too.
For what areas are Parainesis packaging materials suitable?
We manufacture polyethylene bags, packaging films for all existing areas. Our products are used in cold stores, in environments exposed to high temperature or under circumstances accompanied by extreme physical stress (e.g. at construction sites). Whatever you company’s profile is, we shall get your packaging issues done in a fast and cost-efficient manner.
Is there any packaging issue that cannot be resolved?
There is no such a thing for us. We seek the optimum solution in collaboration with our customers until it is found. What is most important for us is to make you and your clients be as most satisfied as possible with the packaging.
Why Parainesis is one of the best choices to make on the market?
Low price, outstanding experience, fast and high-quality production, several hundreds of raw material mixtures aligned with purpose. In our opinion, ‘only’ these are needed on the market.

But if you need something more... Where are there for our partners, whatever help they need in finding the packaging materials, packaging technologies available with the best possible value for money. We work so that your company can discard the nuisance of packaging. This way, you can spend the time, energy and money on it only that is worth for you regarding the specific product.

We have been on the market for a long time. We know that we wrap your profit.

Parainesis helps select the optimum solution to make you reach a higher margin, while quality issues disappear

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