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of recycled materials

We provide a constant quality and fast lead time by using modern production management

What is most relevant for you is that you get the items ordered in the proper quality and by the deadline. To this end, we document, plan and control everything so that you have nothing else to do but take over the item.

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Environmental awareness in polyethylene production.
For a sustainable future and a clean planet for the sake of our children.

For some this might be a contradiction but we can do more as a manufacturer than most people think.

Biologically degradable raw material

We are among the first ones in Hungary to produce a part of our products from PLA raw materials.

In-house recycling

We recycle 100pc of the production scrap by means of our own regranulating machine.

Recycled plastic

40 to 60 pc of products manufactured by us is made of recycled plastics.

We support the cleaning of oceans

We support nonprofit initiatives that set the goal of protecting the fauna and environment.