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Parainesis Ltd.
Tax number: 11402657-2-08
Comp. reg. num.: 08-09-004992
Bank account 78900000-00057836
Founded: 1995
Site: 9081 Győrújbarát,
(Ipari park) Kákostó u. 7. (Pf. 34)
Phone: +36 96 423 663

Managing Director:
Cseh Tibor
Mobile: +36 30 924 3259
Managing Director:
Cseh Gábor
Mobile: +36 70 430 1031
Administrator for finance and invoicing:
Bóka Zsuzsa
Mobile: +36 96 423 663

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9081 Győrújbarát,
Ipari park
Kákostó u. 7. (Pf. 34)