Guaranteed zero reject

If you find a reject in your items, we will replace it with two products. All despatched items pass a quality control.

Cost-efficient raw materials

We shall find the material composition that meets your expectation and besides, has lower production costs.

Quick lead time

We carry out your orders in a flexible and fast way. We run production in two shifts, 24 hours a day.

Parainesis covers all industry branches and products in ethylene production

Biologically degradable bags
Stretch hood
Shrink cap
Shrink film
Pellet bag
Construction film
Foil tube
Waste bag
Lime bag
Flat film
Stretch film
Building rubble bag
Valved bags, bags in roll form
Film for covering
Pallet holding film
Lining film
Hazardous waste bag

Get your order in 3 simple steps

Get a quote

After you have contacted us, we shall make a price quotation in a short time as to material composition, size and technology as well as time to delivery.

Production and printing

We shall produce and, if required, print your product in 6 colours. We shall perform quality control. We shall record all details of the purchase order and store for 5 years.


Even on the very day of production, we shall transport the products ordered in the territory of Hungary. We can fulfill your request flexibly using our own vehicles.

93% of our customer would recommend us to their partners - because our reliable quality, flexibility and great prices.

Parainesis has customers across the country ranging from global brands to small firms.

"A partner that delivers reliable, flexible, stable quality. Inexpensive but good product"
Bálint V., buyer
"On-time delivery, good quality item. Sells at the most favourable price on the market."
Rita E., buyer
"Whatever question I raised to them, they kindly helped me, they are reliable."
N. Nándor, head of warehouse

How Parainesis is different?

When you order a polyethylene product, you can pick from a million choices in terms of raw materials, dimensioning, material thickness and formula. Parainesis helps select the optimum solution to make you reach a higher margin, while quality issues disappear.

We know how hard it is to create a great product. We have helped hundreds of customers like you do it right. If you do not make the right choice, your product won’t perform and your customers will complain, which is frustrating. Sometimes your product would cost more than it should, which means your competitiveness suffer and your margins shrink.

Parainesis has been on the market for 25 years, its own site of 6000 sqm hosts a seasoned team of professionals and has ISO 9001 andISO 14001 certifications. Annually 1600 tons of film and 30 million bags, pouches and pallet coverings leave the production hall. Production runs in a continuous shift scheme, 24 hours a day, on six extruders, five finishing machines and one regranulating machine as well as many machines specific to meet customer needs. We have 3 printing machines and we can even print films on both sides in six colours, up to a repetition length of 1200 mm.

Our customer base ranges from the biggest brands to small firms. We have been working with many for the last 10 to 20 years. This is also due that we are flexible and loyal, furthermore, we have been investing development. Quality for us is not only a catchy slogan but a principle to rely on.

Components of quality:

Appraised and highly qualified team of professionals
Modern, well-maintained machinery
First-class primary raw materials and strictly sorted recycled materials
Modern production management system and project management
Strict quality control: we check each product before sending it to the customer
Continuous improvement and robotisation
We don’t commit the same error twice

Environmental awareness in polyethylene production.
For a sustainable future and a clean planet for the sake of our children.

For some this might be a contradiction but we can do more as a manufacturer than most people think.

Biologically degradable raw material

We are among the first ones in Hungary to produce a part of our products from PLA raw materials.

In-house recycling

We recycle 100pc of the production scrap by means of our own regranulating machine.

Recycled plastic

40 to 60 pc of products manufactured by us is made of recycled plastics.

We support the cleaning of oceans

We support nonprofit initiatives that set the goal of protecting the fauna and environment.